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A girl holds a magical snow lantern in a Winter Wonderland. In the background various animals such as foxes and reindeer can be seen.

Princess Bedtime Stories

These carefully hand-picked tales promise enchantment and adventure, all starring your child’s favorite kind of royals. Jump right in to find your perfect Princess Bedtime Story in moments!

  • Lengths ranging from 5-10 minutes
  • Perfect for princesses aged 2-7
  • Adventure, magic & princesses
A woman in a colorful spacesuit surrounded by floating books in a cosmic setting.

Sci-fi Bedtime Stories

Take off to outer space with our selection of space-themed Sci-fi stories.

A triceratops seemingly breathing fire is standing in a barren landscape.

Dinosaur Bedtime Stories

Travel back in time with our large collection of stories about Dinosaurs.

A cat seen from the side is looking into the distance. In the far background a majestic castle can be seen.

Cat Bedtime Stories

Kids that can’t get enough of cats? No worries, we’ve got the stories.
Explore our curated collection of bedtime stories about cats tonight!

  • Short & long stories (5-10 minutes)
  • Ideal for ages 2-7
  • Top pick for cat-lovers!
A princess, unicorn, and kitten in a whimsical and colorful kingdom.

Unicorn Bedtime Stories

Leave reality behind and enter a world filled with unicorns and magic ✨

A three mast pirate ship sailing into a cave filled with colorful particles and waterfalls.

Pirate Bedtime Stories

Set out on an journey across the seas with our favourite Pirate stories.

β€œFor the past month I have been away from my family and at night time when I call the boys I have been using your site to read them stories over the phone while they lay in bed. They are great and the kids really enjoy them.”

Mark C

24th of February 2024

Our Latest Bedtime Stories

Brand new stories published regularly!

Our Seasonal Collections

Missing Christmas or Easter, and can’t wait for next year?
We’ve got the stories that will bring you right back!

The Easter Bunny and his basket surrounded by a forest and Easter eggs.

Bedtime Stories About Easter

Get into the Easter spirit with these hand-picked bedtime stories about egg-hunts, the easter bunny and much, much more.

A child named in red clothes is standing in a winter wonderland, looking at a gingerbread house. In the background a christmas tree can be seen.

Bedtime Stories About Christmas

Santa, snow and holiday celebrations at bedtime, any time of the year. With these stories you won’t have to wait until next december!

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