Princess Bedtime Stories

Enchanting Tales for Ages 2-7

Finding the perfect bedtime story just got easier. Our selection of princess bedtime stories caters to little listeners from 2 to 7 years old, with each tale designed to fit into your bedtime ritual β€” whether that’s a quick 5-minute read or a 10+ minute adventure.

Your storytime options include:

  • Brief 5-minute journeys, ideal for when bedtime can’t come soon enough.
  • Longer tales up to 15 minutes for nights when there’s time for a little more magic.
  • Easy-to-access & free online stories, perfect for last-minute storytime decisions.
  • Every princess story in our collection is crafted to spark the imagination and gently guide your child to sleep.

Pick your story and let’s make bedtime storytime a magical time to look forward to!

These Princess Stories are only a few of the hundreds of free and unique bedtime stories at SleepyStories

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